i have become,
all i depise.
fueling off hate,
bred from inside.
why cant i feel, anything more.
than endless pain, caused by my selfish hate.

bottom feeder,
the leech of life, infecting mine.
i'll cull the life, and drown you deep in hell.
bottom feeder,
your leeching life, has forsworn mine.
i dont feel remorse, for the pain ill cause.

poising me infecting all of my dreams,
what youve done to me.
youve burnt my throne.
swept away the ash,
left me with cold stone.
fighting my own mind exile myself from life.
life cannot begin,
while i exist.
cut me from the earth,
and cleanse the world.
my heart is empty, the world is detached from i.

i, am the leech of all that manifests within.
sucking this world dry,
this worthless fucking shell,
chains me into hell,
to fester and decay away into my own fucking grave.


from Bottom feeder​/​Trepan, released February 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Invocation Mors Warrnambool, Australia

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